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1. (4Front).Open sound system (OSS) programmer's guide.v1.11.2000.pdf288,8 KB
2. (Aavid).How to size heat sinks for semiconductors.chm36,1 KB
3. (Aavid).Optimum design and selection of heat sinks.pdf249,4 KB
4. (ABE).Broadcast engineer's handbook.1999.pdf454,8 KB
5. (Analogservices).The HART book.chm2,1 MB
6. (Apple).Dylan interim reference manual.1994.chm123,4 KB
7. (ARK).RS232 data interface.A tutorial.chm215,8 KB
8. (Arrick).PC104 embedded systems FAQ.chm78,9 KB
9. (Artisoft).LANtastic v6.0.Руководство по установке и управлению.chm349,4 KB
10. (Ebook) Kluwer Inter - Rf Cmos Power Amplifier (Hella & Ismall).pdf4,5 MB
11. (zpostbox.narod.ru).Узлы электронных схем.2003.chm1,2 MB
12. (БЭК).Оптоэлектронные приборы фирмы QT Optoelectronics.djvu846,3 KB
13. (ИДДК).Справочник по аналоговым микросхемам для аудиоаппаратуры.rar12,6 MB
14. (ИДДК).Справочник по полупроводниковым приборам.rar23,0 MB
15. (ИДДК).Справочник по цифровым логическим микросхемам ТТЛ,ЭСЛ.rar25,5 MB
16. (КТЦ-МК).Общие положения и введение в логику работы шины I2C.Практические рекомендации.pdf179,4 KB
17. (Микро-Чип).Справочник по среднему семейству микроконтроллеров PICmicro.2002.rar24,1 MB
18. (РАН).Программное обеспечение ядра контроллера.Язык Рефлекс.Описание языка.2002.pdf494,0 KB
19. (РЕР).Scaleable node address protocol (SNAP).pdf55,1 KB
20. _(ИДДК).Справочник по микросхемам для теле- и видео- аппаратуры.rar59,4 MB
21. _(ИДДК).Справочник по цифровым логическим микросхемам КМОП.rar37,9 MB
22. 55 электронных устройств из наборов. Мастер кит. вып.1 (2003).djvu3,5 MB
23. 60 электронных устройств из наборов. Мастер кит. вып.2 (2004).djvu3,7 MB
24. 300 схем источников питания Г. Шрайбер.djvu2,0 MB
25. 700 Series. 20V BIPOLAR ARRAY. DESIGN MANUAL-01700-01-B.pdf2,4 MB
26. 700 секретов производственных технологий.rar625,2 KB
27. 5412 отечественных ИМС и их аналоги vom_all.xls7,7 MB
28. ABBOTT, D. (2003). Linux for Embedded and Real-Time Applications.rar1,0 MB
29. Abelson H.Structure and interpretation of computer programs.1999.rar1,2 MB
30. Abramov V., Dmitriev V., Sheluxin S. Nevzaimnye ustrojstva na ferritovyx rezonatorax (RiS, 1989)(.djv2,8 MB
31. Abramowitz M.Handbook of mathematical functions.1972.chm42,6 MB
32. AC Power Systems Handbook Second Edition.rar21,1 MB
33. ACHA, E. (2002). Power Electronic Control in Electrical Systems.rar6,1 MB
34. ActiveTcl user guide.2005.chm4,5 MB
35. AGRAWAL, G. P. (2001). Applications of Nonlinear Fiber Optics.rar3,7 MB
36. AGRAWAL, G. P. (2001). Nonlinear Fiber Optics (3rd ed.).rar2,4 MB
37. AGRAWAL, K. C. (2001). Industrial Power Engineering and Applications Handbook.rar25,9 MB
38. Aho A.V.Awk - a pattern scanning and processing language.txt28,5 KB
39. Ait-Kaci H.Warren's abstract machine.A tutorial reconstruction.1999.pdf504,8 KB
40. AKANSU, A. N. (2001). Multiresolution Signal Decomposition - Transforms, Subbands, and Wavelets (.rar25,0 MB
41. Albertos P.Multivariable control systems.An engineering approach.2004.pdf7,1 MB
42. Albrecht, Borys, Damaschke, Tropea - Laser Doppler and Phase Measurement Technique (1-219, 272-38.djv5,8 MB
43. Alhir S.S.Learning UML.2003.chm1,3 MB
44. AL-MUALLA, M. E. (2001). Video Coding for Mobile Communications - Efficiency, Complexity, and Res.rar2,4 MB
45. Al'tman Dzh.L. Ustrojstva sverhvysokih chastot (Mir, 1968)(ru)(L)(T)(244s).djvu5,4 MB
46. Alvord L.Easy J.2002.pdf302,7 KB
47. Amber S.W.The elements of UML style.2003.chm1,7 MB
48. Anderson A.FreeBSD for beginners.2001.rar1,6 MB
49. Anderson D.F.Understanding flight.2001.djvu2,5 MB
50. ANDERSON, H. (2003). Newnes PC Troubleshooting Pocket Book (2nd ed.).rar3,2 MB
51. Apple human interface guidelines.2005.chm4,7 MB
52. Application of PICs and microcontrollers in the measurement and control of parameters in industry.pdf305,0 KB
53. Archambeault B.PCB decoupling capacitor performance for optimum EMC design.pdf776,4 KB
54. Archer T.Inside C-sharp.2001.chm812,1 KB
55. ARM advanced microcontroller bus architecture (AMBA) specification.Rev 2.0.pdf1,8 MB
56. Armstrong E.The J2EE 1.4 tutorial.2005.pdf16,2 MB
57. Armstrong K.Design techniques for EMC.2001.rar8,6 MB
58. Arndt J.Algorithms for programmers.Ideas and source code.2002.pdf1023,7 KB
59. ARNOLD, K. (2001). Embedded Controller Hardware Design.rar904,3 KB
60. Ashenden P.J.The VHDL cookbook.1990.chm66,5 KB
61. Asperti A.Categories,types,and structures.1991.pdf1,6 MB
62. Astels D.Test-driven development.A practical guide.2003.chm2,6 MB
63. Astrom K.J.Control system design.2002.rar3,4 MB
64. Astrom K.J.Feedback systems.An introduction for scientists and engineers.2004.rar5,6 MB
65. AtmanAvr C user's guide.2006.chm325,8 KB
66. Atmel applications journal.Spring 2004.pdf2,7 MB
67. Atmel applications journal.Summer 2003.pdf1,6 MB
68. Atmel applications journal.Summer 2004.pdf4,2 MB
69. Atmel ARM7TDMI datasheet.1999.pdf1,4 MB
70. Attenborough M.Mathematics for electrical engineering and computing.2003.pdf7,5 MB
71. Auerbach J.IBM personal computer assembly language tutorial.txt71,0 KB
72. Avallone E.A.Marks' standard handbook for mechanical engineers.1999.rar43,1 MB
73. AVR Libc user manual V1.4.0.chm168,5 KB
74. Axelson J.Designing RS485 circuits.pdf224,0 KB
75. Axelson J.USB Complete.Everything you need to develop custom USB peripherals.2005.rar5,9 MB
76. Bagschik P.An introduction to CAN.2001.chm217,9 KB
77. Bailey D.H.High-precision floating-point arithmetic in scientific computation.2005.pdf216,8 KB
78. Bailey D.H.Random generators and normal numbers.2001.pdf278,3 KB
79. Bailey O.H.Embedded systems.Desktop integration.2005.pdf9,1 MB
80. Baker A.L.Elliptic functions.An elementary text book for students of mathematics.1890.djvu976,8 KB
81. Balch M.Complete digital design.A comprehensive guide to digital electronics and computer system architecture.2003.pdf6,0 MB
82. Baldwin R.R.The optimum strategy in blackjack.1956.pdf1,1 MB
83. BALL, S. R. (2001). Analog Interfacing to Embedded Microprocessors - Real World Design.rar2,5 MB
84. BALL, S. R. (2002). Embedded Microprocessor Systems - Real World Design (3rd ed.).rar10,8 MB
85. Ballard P.Teach yourself Ajax in 10 minutes.2006.chm2,4 MB
86. Banahan M.The C book.2003.chm492,7 KB
87. Bandara G.E.Intelligent fuzzy controller for a lead acid battery charger.pdf2,1 MB
88. BANKMAN, I. N. (2000). Handbook of Medical Imaging Processing and Analysis.rar19,5 MB
89. Banks W.Fuzzy logic in embedded microcomputers and control systems.2002.pdf1,4 MB
90. Bardwell J.Math and physics for the 802.11 wireless LAN engineer.pdf3,3 MB
91. Barken L.Wireless hacking.Projects for Wi-Fi enthusiasts.2004.pdf18,3 MB
92. Barnes J.R.Designing electronic systems for ESD immunity.pdf194,3 KB
93. Barrett D.J.SSH,the secure shell.The definitive guide.2001.pdf3,1 MB
94. Barrett G.Occam 3 reference manual.1992.pdf1,5 MB
95. Barrett R.Templates for the solution of linear systems.Building blocks for iterative methods.pdf805,5 KB
96. Barthelmann V.VBCC compiler system.2004.pdf380,9 KB
97. Bates R.J.Broadband telecommunications handbook.2002.pdf20,2 MB
98. Bates R.J.Optical switching and networking handbook.2001.pdf5,3 MB
99. Baumann C.A simple and fast look-up table method to compute the Exp and Ln functions.pdf171,6 KB
100. Beazley D.M.SWIG users manual.pdf1,5 MB
101. Beazley D.M.Tcl extension building with Swig.pdf281,8 KB
102. BECKER, P. C. (1997). Erbium-Dope Fiber Amplifiers - Fundamentals and Technology.rar28,1 MB
103. Bell J.L.The art of the intelligible.An elementary survey of mathematics in its conceptual development.1999.pdf2,1 MB
104. BenHajji F.3D graphical user interfaces.1999.pdf598,9 KB
105. Ben-Kiki O.YAML ain't markup language.V1.1.pdf1,0 MB
106. Benko C.Connecting the dots.Aligning projects with objectives in unpredictable times.2003.chm5,3 MB
107. Benson C.GNOME human interface guidelines 2.0.2004.chm1,3 MB
108. Bentley J.Writing efficient programs.1982.djvu1,4 MB
109. Berger A.S.Embedded systems design.An introduction to processes,tools,and techniques.2002.pdf2,8 MB
110. Bernstein M.R.Zope Bible.2002.pdf4,4 MB
111. Beta compiler reference manual.2002.pdf47,3 KB
112. Beta language modifications.Reference manual.pdf70,7 KB
113. Bezemer J.L.4tH,the friendly Forth compiler.2005.pdf763,3 KB
114. Bezemer J.L.And so Forth...2001.pdf189,7 KB
115. Bhatt H.RFID essentials.2006.chm1,6 MB
116. BIGELOW, S. J. (2001). Understanding Telephone Electronics (4th ed.).rar8,3 MB
117. Bingham J.A.ADSL,VDSL and multicarrier modulation.2000.pdf2,3 MB
118. Bird J.Electrical and electronic principles and technology.2003.pdf4,5 MB
119. BIRD, J. (2001). Electrical Circuit Theory and Technology (2nd ed.).rar5,0 MB
120. Bishop R.H.The mechatronics handbook.2002.pdf50,3 MB
121. Blair G.Verilog - accelerating digital design.pdf38,6 KB
122. Blandy J.Введение в CVS.html26,3 KB
123. Blozis S.Opto-electrical isolation of the I2C-bus.2004.chm207,8 KB
124. Bock R.K.Data analysis briefbook.1998.chm774,7 KB
125. Boggs D.R.Measured capacity of an Ethernet.Myths and reality.1988.pdf196,9 KB
126. Bonissone P.P.Fuzzy logic and soft computing.Technology development and applications.pdf646,7 KB
127. Borgner E.High level system design and analysis using abstract state machines.pdf398,8 KB
128. BOVIK, A. (2000). Handbook of Image and Video Processing.rar26,4 MB
129. BOWICK, C. (1997). RF Circuit Design.rar15,8 MB
130. Bradley L.Numerical solution of differential equations.pdf246,5 KB
131. Branwyn G.Absolute beginners guide to building robots.2003.chm4,6 MB
132. Brash D.The ARM architecture version 6.pdf86,9 KB
133. BRICE, R. (2003). Newnes Guide to Digital TV (2nd ed.).rar6,4 MB
134. Brink A.Shielding methods for radio frequencies.pdf3,1 MB
135. Brockschmidt K.Inside OLE.1995.chm1,7 MB
136. Brodie L.Starting Forth.chm2,1 MB
137. Brooks R.A.A critique of Common Lisp.pdf102,2 KB
138. Brown M.Practical switching power supply design.1990.pdf10,4 MB
139. Brown M.Topology management in rooftop wireless networks.2004.pdf413,5 KB
140. Brown R.G.Getting started with programmable logic devices,the 16V8 and 20V8.2000.pdf116,2 KB
141. BROWN, G. (2001). Radio and Electronics Cookbook.rar4,5 MB
142. BROWN, M. (1990). Practical Switching Power Supply Design.rar8,2 MB
143. BROWN, M. (2001). Power Supply Cookbook (2nd ed.).rar2,5 MB
144. Brueck D.Python 2.1 bible.2001.pdf6,3 MB
145. Bryan L.A.Programmable controllers.Theory and implementation.1997.pdf5,3 MB
146. BUCHANAN, W. (2000). Computer Busses - Design and Application.rar3,9 MB
147. Buchmann I.Batteries in a portable world.2001.chm2,6 MB
148. Budd T.A little Smalltalk.1987.pdf11,5 MB
149. Budinsky F.Automatic code generation from design patterns.pdf226,1 KB
150. Bunks C.Grokking the GIMP.2000.chm26,8 MB
151. Burger R.G.Printing floating-point numbers quickly and accurately.pdf204,2 KB
152. Burgess M.Principles of network and system administration.2004.pdf5,4 MB
153. Burhoe W.Loudspeaker handbook and lexicon.1997.pdf195,5 KB
154. Burkhardt A.J.Calculation of PCB track impedance.pdf70,9 KB
155. Bush V.As we may think.1945.chm38,6 KB
156. Bushminskij I.P. Izgotovlenie e#lementov konstrukcij SVCh. Volnovody i volnovodnye ustrojstva (Vy.djv3,3 MB
157. Buying a photovoltaic solar electric system.A consumer guide.pdf236,1 KB
158. Byers TJ.PC power supply repair.1996.pdf580,3 KB
159. C16x controllers instruction set manual.1997.pdf383,6 KB
160. Cable anatomy.Understanding the microphone cable.pdf398,8 KB
161. Cable anatomy.Understanding the speaker cable.pdf263,3 KB
162. Calashain T.Google hacks.100 industrial-strength tips & tools.2002.pdf3,2 MB
163. Cardelli L.Modula-3.Language definition.1988.chm121,2 KB
164. Cardelli L.The Modula-3 type system.pdf61,3 KB
165. Carlson A.Handbook of analog computation.1967.djvu3,9 MB
166. Carlson J.PPP design,implementation,and debugging.2000.pdf1,2 MB
167. Carlsson P.Surface engeneering in sheet metal forming.2005.pdf2,7 MB
168. Carr D.M.PID control and controller tuning techniques.pdf73,5 KB
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170. CARR, J. J. (2002). RF Components and Circuits.rar1,8 MB
171. Carter E.The Forth scientific library project.chm344,3 KB
172. Carter P.A.PC assembly language.2005.rar823,0 KB
173. Catsoulis J.Designing embedded hardware.2005.chm4,3 MB
174. Cavalcanti A.Nanorobotics control design.A collective behavior approach for medicine.pdf967,0 KB
175. Cederqvist P.Version management with CVS 1.11.21.pdf1,1 MB
176. Cederqvist P.Version management with CVS 1.12.13.pdf1,2 MB
177. CEVOLI, P. (2002). Embedded FreeBSD Cookbook.rar679,3 KB
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186. Charzinski J.Performance of the error detection mechanisms in CAN.pdf99,0 KB
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191. Chen R.Y.Signal integrity.pdf540,8 KB
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194. Chen Y.Resonant gate drive techniques for power MOSFETs.pdf1,3 MB
195. Chen Y.Robust PID controller autotuning with a phase shaper.pdf329,8 KB
196. Cheng A.Real-time systems.Scheduling,analysis,and verification.2002.pdf3,5 MB
197. Childs M.VBScript in nutshell.2000.chm1,0 MB
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201. Close D.B.The AWK manual.1995.chm112,7 KB
202. Close D.B.The AWK manual.1995.pdf663,9 KB
203. Cockroft-Walton voltage multipliers.pdf34,7 KB
204. Coding the PIC microcontroller with PIC C.pdf70,5 KB
205. Coen C.S.Efficient ambiguous parsing of mathematical formulae.pdf195,3 KB
206. Coexistence of Firebird 1.5 and InterBase 5.6 or 6.0.pdf51,6 KB
207. Collins-Sussman B.Version control with Subversion 1.1.pdf1,5 MB
208. Colotti J.Analog,RF and EMC considerations in printed wiring board design.pdf1,4 MB
209. Combs N.Declarative versus imperative paradigms in games AI.pdf304,5 KB
210. CompactPCI specification short form.Rev 2.1.1997.pdf164,6 KB
211. Compaq COBOL reference manual.2000.chm1,5 MB
212. Conklin E.K.Forth programmer's handbook.2000.pdf1,9 MB
213. Constantinides C.AOP considered harmful.pdf82,9 KB
214. Construction and use of broadband transformers.pdf56,6 KB
215. Cooper K.Engineering a compiler.pdf2,2 MB
216. Cooper M.Advanced Bash scripting guide Rev1.4.2002.pdf4,6 MB
217. Cooper M.Advanced bash-scripting guide.2002.pdf895,2 KB
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222. Cowlishaw M.General decimal arithmetic specification.V1.51.2006.pdf163,2 KB
223. cp-m plus programmers guide.pdf421,5 KB
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229. CROMPTON, T. R. (2000). Battery Reference Book (3rd ed.).rar26,9 MB
230. Crook N.Gforth 0.6.2.pdf1,0 MB
231. C-sharp language specification.2004.pdf2,4 MB
232. Curtis D.CLU user's guide.pdf195,7 KB
233. Curtis D.The portable CLU debugger.pdf109,9 KB
234. CVS.Система управления параллельными версиями.1999.chm137,1 KB
235. Cтепаненко И.П.Основы микроэлектроники.2001.djvu2,4 MB
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298. Embedded system engineering magazine 2005.03,04.pdf3,9 MB
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